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February 17, 2012


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Summertime,waves, beach cruisers, mermaids and dreams, warm winds and coconut wax, salty hair and sun kissed cheeks come along with life in a bikini! Life is always better in a bikini!

Life is better in a bikini because it is so much easier that way!

Life is better in a bikini... because I feel alive, free and feminine enjoying the sun and saltwater. A feeling I only seem to find while in a bikini. ♥

Living in Hawaii, everyday is a bikini day! They're fun, functional, and make me feel oh so good!

Day or night you will always feel free and dream-like in a bikini! (especially in an Acacia) :) So excited to surf and get perfect tan lines in my Acacia bikinis! <3 <3 <3 Life and random adventures are always better in a bikini <3 <3 <3

Life is better in a bikini because it makes you feel so free!! Soaking up the sun and having that warm feeling on your skin while looking out into the horizon of a beautiful clear beach day.. it can't get any better then that!

Life is better in a bikini because... less is ALWAYS better! ;) The simplisticness of wearing a suit is as simple as it gets enjoying what Mother Nature provides for us - ocean, sun, sand, family and friends. Peace, <3, & sunshine!


Life is better in a bikini because it means that I'm home! I grew up in Hawaii and now go to school in Seattle so when I'm in my bikini, it means that I get to be at the beach again!!

I love that all I need to really be free is a bikini that knows how to flatter me and the warm salty sea to adventure in with my lil bumble bee :)

life is better in a bikini because i'm really a mermaid!

Everything is better in a bikini! you can throw a dress or shirt and shorts over it and then easily go from beach to lunch. I've spent most of my life in a bikini like it was a part of my skin :) Everything is easier and carefree in a bikini

The only way of being truly free is been completely blend with the nature, and the best way for doing it is standing out being fierce and strong wearing a bikini. Get the energy that sun and water gives to you is the better way for being happy and peacefull.. and that's why LIFE IS BETTER IN A BIKINI!

Life is better in a bikini because it exudes great self-esteem and confidence--the sexiest quality!

Life is better in a bikini because wearing the perfect one can make a girl feel beautiful, sexy and confident. : )

Life is better in a bikini because you're so free you feel like a wave in the ocean. you can soak up sun on every inch of your body and the ocean salt can cling to every pore. mermaids unite!

Life is DEFINITELY better in a bikini! Living in Hawaii is such a blessing you seriously can't have enough bikinis! let alone ACACIA :)

Life is better in a bikini because it allows you to fully LIVE LIFE! Besides being able to swim with the fishes, surf the waves and be able to bronze in the sun, a bikini can go with flow in any scenario. You can wear a bikini to a festival or concert and not have to worry if rocking out too much with mess up your outfit. After a long day outside, you can throw a dress or flirty top and cute shorts over your bikini and head out for the night. Who knows, you might have some late night action where a bikini just might come in handy!

Life is better in a bikini, because it makes you feel more fun, cute, sexy, free-spirited, whimsical, silly, and summertime dreamy! Bikinis represent fun, freedom, and a sense of liberation, and they remind me of sunny island afternoons...collecting colorful shells, paddling across aqua water, feeling the sun against my face, picking flowers and fruit from the trees, sipping sweet coconut milk, walking barefoot in the sand, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves and the palm trees swaying. Bikinis also represent simplicity to me-- a simpler way of life, when nothing really matters, and the world always feels bright and optimistic. :)

What I love about this Acacia suit: the creative halter strings, the braided detail, and the fabric looks comfortable enough to take a nap in!

Life is better in a bikini because it allows me to be closer to nature. When I'm in a bikini I'm swimming in the ocean with sand between my toes, feeling the air on my skin. I let my hair down and feel so beautiful and natural. The right bikini is important because it makes you feel womanly and sultry while also free and playful. Everything is better in a bikini (my husband agrees too!)!

When I hear the word Bikini the 3 things I think about are beach, surf, and beauty! Once you put on a bikini all stress, worries, and life problems are forgotten. I LIVE MY LIFE IN A BIKINI :)

Life is better in a bikini because...when you're lying in the sand on a beach in Hawai'i, you're not thinking about your problems or what the time is. You just feel the heat from the sun glistening on your skin and the sand in between your toes and best of all the cooling water surrounding you. Life in a bikini is something not a lot of people get to experience so I like to take advantage of it!

Life is better in a bikini for so many reasons but two of my ultimate favorite reasons have to be those beautiful sun kissed tanlines Mother Nature provides you with and the opportunity to be nearly naked...who doesn't love that? just better ;)

Life is better in a bikini because bikini's are sexy and free!
I "like" vida serene & acacia swimwear on Facebook (colleen boudreau)
holliister at gmail dot com

my life is better in a ACACIA bikini because its all about love and beauty, and clearly ACACIA bikinis do that for you all in one! They are one of a kind bikinis that will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Make Bikinis not WAR!

oh, & im going to Thailand this summer, so this bikini will take my vacation over the top!

love you all!


Life is way better in a bikini because it's full of adventure and fun while looking sexy at the same time!!

There is a million reasons to why life is better in a bikini. You become closer to your self and the beautiful body you were blessed with. A " no worries" type of life style. Growing up in a bikini only made me appreciate the little flaws an imperfections i have and i learned to love every one of them! life in a bikini is care free, you can go with the flow and stop and enjoy the small beauties the world has to offer you. I wouldn't of wanted to grow up any other way. Water Baby all the way!! Ill never give up my life in a bikini and wouldn't trade it for anything<3 Being in a bikini makes me feel unstoppable and amazingly confident! Beware of the power a itty bitty bikini holds guys!(;
This Acacia bikini is my all time favorite in only the sexiest color ever!
xoxo S

LIFE is better in a bikini because it means you are having fun! No matter the size or age of a woman, she looks beautiful in a bikini because she is free and comfortable, feeling the glow of the sun, the cool kiss of sea breeze and the enhancement of the ocean on (nearly) every inch of her body.

Life is better in a bikini because there is nothing on earth more sexy and comfortable at the same. A great bikini will make you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside. And last but not least, a bikini is the perfect thing to enjoy a few of the most important things in life: surf, sand, and sun!

life is better in a kini because:
*you can pack as many as you please for trips to the most beautiful surf spots in the world and you'll always be below the luggage weight capacity at the airport.
*it's a second skin that won't get you arrested for public nudity, when you want to feel unrestrained.
*you always feel like ariel from the little mermaid.
*you are as comfortable as if in your birthday suit, but even sexier and more unique, with the choices of prints, fabrics, ruffles, fringe, and other culturally inspired details that each piece embodies.

lastly, life is better in THIS acacia because it obviously made jess gomes radiate confidence and feel stunning...every chicky on the planet deserves to feel this way! x

Life + bikini = the sun, sand, the ocean, and tans! Life without that would be awful.

I am OBSESSED with bikinis!!!! I can't wait to get my new Acacia Bikini :-) There is no better feeling that wearing my itty bitty bikini on a beautiful exotic beach...or even around my house...My world is so much brighter with my biknis...AND it is always motivation to keep my self in SHAPE!! You never know when you will need to wear one. LIFE IS DEFINITELY BETTER IN A BIKNI! One day I will own my own bikini line...

Life is better in a styli, snazzy cut and totally hot =>>>> Acacia!!!

Life is better in a bikini because it reminds me how lucky I was to grow up on Maui and have beautiful beaches readily available all year long. Nothing is better than enjoying a sunny day by the ocean with friends while feeling great in a sexy bikini.

Life is better in an ACACIA bikini because they make me feel sexy.

Life is a beach--and I feel sexy, free and at home in Acacia bikinis--and plus, I'm going on my honeymoon in June--my fiance (husband to be) would love to see me in minimal coverage Acacia-wear ;-)

Living on the East Coast, I know that life is better in a bikini because it means SUMMERTIME is here!

If it's not summer, then pulling out a bikini in January could only mean one thing...VACATION!

Either way, life is better in a bikini because it always equals CELEBRATION...and isn't that what life is all about?

P.S. already “like” vida serene and acacia swimwear on facebook!! xo

Because it's as close to being naked, without the whole being arrested for indecent exposure!! Love Acacia for giving us the smallest tan lines possible, suppppper sexay!!

life is better in a bikini because it's sexier in a bikini ;)

life is better in a bikini because no matter where I am, when I put it on, it feels like paradise...

Life Is Better in a bikini because that means your spending your time relaxed, swimming in the beautiful ocean! Surfing, letting lose and enjoying your self in the moment. I wish i could spend every hour of the day in a bikini on the beach!

A bikini is a must in Hawaii! Wearing a bikini makes me feel sexy, confident, and appreciative of my beautiful home Kauai!

Life is better in a bikini because its the one item of clothing you can sleep in , surf in,play in , and even go on a date in ( if hes lucky) . And its always in style when you are at the best place in the world , at the beach and or in the water ...

I know from personal experience how much more amazing life is in a bikini. Growing up in a beach town in Maryland where bundling up in the dull of winter is a tragedy. Longing for warmer days the moment the air is constantly to chilly for bare bodies to bare. But once spring has sprung and mother nature starts blessing us with hope for a skimpier season, is when life gets interesting again. Bikinis mean a simpler life, a sexier life, a laid back attitude and freedom to adventure with the sun. I rest my case, a bikini life is THE life.

I'd rather be in a bikini and on the beach sipping on a piña colada, hanging with my gals and boys and not caring about a thing in the world, blasting loud electro music with the cool California breeze running through my hair. yeah...this was a purposeful run-on.

Life is better in a Bikini because life in a bikini is the pursuit of endless summer, salty hair, and sandy toes...a life well lived...wild & free.
<3 Bikinis & <3 Acacia!


Life is better in a bikini, especially when you're a gypsetter! When I'm headed off around the world, ready to explore, it's important to pack my backpack lightly (aka full of bikinis). I've been lucky enough to see some incredible places so far, from the vibrant Cape Coast, Ghana to the serene island of Mauritius, and all of my favorite memories involve me adventuring around in a bikini. There's nothing better than being someplace new and being reminded to really appreciate the simple pleasures in life (like the feeling you get from rockin' a red hot ACACIA bikini ;) ). Bikinis remind me to love and take care of my body & when I'm wearing one, I'm always loving life <3

The sand, the sun, the water and the warm summer breeze, this is why life is better in an Acacia bikini. I can just slip it on in the late morning, cruise to my favorite beach and soak in the sun knowing that I look amazing in whatever Acacia I wear that day. I always bring a bikini with me everywhere I go just in case I have the opportunity to wear it. When I first saw a glimpse of the red Acacia bikini I fell in love and hope to be able to take it with me wherever I head to next. Aloha Ke Nani

I was half way through an amazing explanation of why my life would be better with acacia (it really would).When I thought of my friend Faith. Faith is a tall, curvy, exotic woman, with long curly black hair, and hazel golden eyes. The only problem is Faith doesn't know it. For the past couple of years Faith has gone to the beach in one of those faded floral one piece bathing suits with the ruffle skirt at the bottom. I couldn't make sense of her in that bathing suit. Until I realized, she doesn’t even know she’s beautiful. Bashful bomb shell is utterly endearing, no doubt, but the s.i. edition bikini from acacia is not just about being attractive, it’s a symbol of confidence, freedom and liberation. If your body was a canvas, acacia would be the art on it. I believe life would be better if I could see her face when she realizes what everyone else already knows, that she is gorgeous. Let’s help this Butterfly come out of her cocoon already.

Life is better in an ACACIA bikini because it makes you feel sexy, confident and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Life is better in a bikini because it's when I am the my element, salty water. Each bikini I own tells a story. Every time I open my bikini drawer memories from travels to first loves to first ever surf lesson. Every time I put on one of my bikinis it makes me so inspired to travel the globe, take that risk, and spend more time in the water. LIFE IS BETTER IN A BIKINI FOR ME <3 <3 <3

When I think bikinis, I think concerts on the beach with my best friends, a fruity, and happy music. I think sand between my toes, sun streaked hair and flirting with cute musicians. Life is better in a bikini because I'm with the people I love, wearing my confidence on my bikini!

I always feel confident in a bikini no matter what I look like!

life is better in a bikini because everything is more fun when you're half naked!!!! xoxo

Life is better in a bikini because it means that it is summer time and the living is easy! Swimsuit, sunglasses, pup by my side and warm sun on my skin is the key to my inner peace and happiness.

life is better in a bikini because it is all things carefree, fun, toasty and exciting. Drink in hand poolside or the beach. All year long i dream of summer and tropical vacations where I can wear my bikini - hopefully this time an Acacia. Cant wait!

Life is better in a bikini because I can proudly show off the body I earned through 2 full-term pregnancies (stretch marks and all).

Life is better in a bikini because it keeps me feeling alive. I was in the ocean before I could even walk. I have been surfing since the age of seven. Surfing is so much a part of my life, it gives me joy, confidence and keeps me healthy and strong. I'm blessed to be a surfer and to be able to travel the world with my bikinis - they are my pride and joy :) aloha. xoxo

Life is a carnival. The best carnival in the world is in Brazil. Brazilians know how to rock a bikini. The best Brazilian fit bikinis are Acacia (obvs). Therefore, by my mathematical reasoning, life is better in a bikini because you can ride the wild carnival of life without any constraints! Be free, beautiful and, most importantly, happy!!!

Life is better in a biquini, because it's the easier way for us to embrace ourselves and our body. It shows our confidence and sexyness. It's the best of both worlds :))

Life is better in a bikini because it helps exude both self confidence and personal style. Women who wear a bikini are strong-willed, strong-minded, and strong-bodied. Bikini's= Healthy, Happy, Fit Women!

Living in Montreal Canada, we cannot permit ourselves to wear a bikini -outside- every day. But once summer hits and the sun rays hit your face and body, nothing feels more like freedom than to bare it all in a perfect Acacia bikini. Freedom and confidence is what life in a bikini is to me.

Life is better in a bikini because if you are in one, you are guaranteed to be HAPPY at that moment. Wearing a bikini requires confidence and an open spirit. If you are wearing one, it means you have an outer beauty confidence and an inner beauty, fun-loving outlook on the present moment. Life is better in a bikini because if you lived your life in one, then you would always be confident and happy. THAT is what makes it sexy.

Its a magical moment when i slip into a bikini- i feel sexy and confident. I'm ready to soak up the beautifully warm sunshine and play in the salty sparkly waves. Life is better in a bikini- trouble fades away and happiness starts...

Just hearing the word bikini makes me think of a warm, coastal breeze tickling my skin, being enveloped in cool, crystal blue water, sultry, sun-kissed skin, and a tropical drink melting my worries away. I think of Caribbean excursions with my family, Sundays on the north-end relaxing with my friends, and that first day of summer when my bare feet collide with the sand on the beach. Tying on that bikini wraps me in good vibes, great memories, and drenches me with inspiration! Now THAT'S what makes life better in a bikini!

life is better in a bikini because it's all about sun, salt, and the ocean!

Life, is better in a bikini = Life, is how you make it. Travel light, be minimal, have fun, boldly go, reveal honesty, and seek beauty in all.

Life is better in a bikini because you can feel the sun on your skin, you can wear them in the ocean or just under your normal clothes. I'm from los angeles california but I'm going to school in still a bikini lover here and brought about 10 suits which I wear under my clothes to remember the beach and how happy it makes me. If I could I would wear bikinis and only bikinis, THERE ARE SO MANY AMZING BIKINIS OUT THERE!

Life is better in a bikini, especially one that is flattering and makes you feel sexy! I love Acacia bikinis for that reason! Surf, saltwater, sunshine, traveling, photographs, free-diving, beach bbq's..who would rather be in a dress and uncomfortable heels? Life is way better in a bikini!

There is no other feeling that makes me feel more in tune with my natural self than the rush of warm tropical water and wind over my skin when I wear a bikini. I have surfed with my dad and friends since I could first stand. I used to be allowed to go to the beach naked and I always felt so liberated, then the day came I had to start wearing a bikini. At first, I felt so restrained, then I started to shop around and get into the swimsuit culture. I have discovered the most beautiful patterns, colors, textures, cuts, and styles in the bikini world. Bikinis are like people: unique and special in their own finely tuned way.
Over the years, my tastes have changed, but looking at my bikini collection reminds me of different times of my life and the adventures I experienced in each suit. I still like to dig bikinis out from the depths of my drawers, put them on, and reminisce about the good times that were had (and will continue to be had) in them. When I put on my favorite bikinis and immerse myself into the ocean, I feel connected to the Mother of all of us- I feel supported and weightless as I float- I feel the waves carry me and wrap their arms around me.
This year I am tightening my budget to save for college and a trip back to Kauai with my manlove. Because of these I am having a hard time affording an amazing new designer suit, like this amazing Acacia one. I would be so grateful to be chosen <3
Xx, M

In the words of Wiz..."Living young and wild and free"... In a bikini is the best way to rock that lifestyle. Your a woman and should be able to look and feel confident and beautiful no matter what you wear but being in a bikini is better than being naked! :)

When I am in a bikini I am at the beach, in the waves, at a lake, on my surf board, at collegiate outdoor swim practice, in a boat, or traveling the world, with friends, family, teammates, loved ones, sharing the sun, smiles, and everlasting happiness--life is not only better in a bikini, life is perfect!!

life is BETTER in a bikini because that means SURF, SUN, SAND, TANS, & BEACH DAYS. Simply I just LOVE bikinis

For us girlies, bikinis are definitely essential to life! It allows us to express ourselves in the sea in ways that people may not have noticed before. Being a maker of suits, it's always fun to experiment with different colors and styles relating to everyday life of the typical beach girl. With summertime around the corner, the one thing at the top of everyone's list should be a new Acacia set to swim, surf, and play in :)

Being in a bikini means the weather is warm, the sun is out, and I'm probably at the beach. Being in a bikini means being comfortable in my own skin. It means celebrating the beauty of all women no matter their shape or size -- as long as they are rockin' their bikinis.

Life is better in a bikini because I am brought to life wearing one.

life is B-E-T-T-E-R in a bikini because when you're in a bikini you're tanner and happier and everyone looks better when they're TAN. and lets not forget how adorable bikinis are.


You make life better in a bikini because I know that no matter where I am in the world, you provide the perfect bikinis that make me feel like frolicking in the surf under the summer sun. I grew up in sunny San Diego, surfing and living by the ocean. However, for the past 4 years I've been away at college...far from my beloved ocean :( There's nothing that brings me closer to the sea than drooling over your tribal prints and exotic cuts...(even when I am studying for exams in a starbucks)! All my friends know that I am a bikini fanatic, so I have successfully converted them into ACACIA fans! I am so stoked to be graduating in June and returning home, so I can feel free and confident on my surfboard where I belong!!.....while showin off an ACACIA of course ;)

crossing my fingers for this red beauty!

'liked' vida serene and already liked ACACIA

Thank you Bathing News for making this possible!!


Life is better in a bikini because it's pretty much beach weather year round in NSB, Florida. During the summer it's pretty much eat, sleep, beach. And I would love to do that in my first ACACIA bikini! And I would love to be rockin' ACACIA in FL <3

Living in Hawaii, I definitely know that life is better in a bikini because it means being in the water! It's so relaxing. I love getting a killer tan and feeling the sand in between my toes. The times we spend in a bikini are just... happier. Also, it doesn't hurt that being in an Acacia bikini will make you look great! Ahhh, I wish to live my life in a bikini, island hopping all over the world! Beautiful beaches and beautiful bikinis!

Life is better in a bikini because you get to be free and express yourself in many ways by the color of it and what you wear over it.


Life is better in a bikini because it means endless summer days playing on the beach,drum circles and surfing with my 3 boys.This is pure bliss..My style is surf,gypsy beach momma and this would definately fit my lifestyle.fingers crossed xxx

Life is better in a bikini because it's too HOT to wear anything else.

Life is better in a Bikini .......your statement, your style, their head turning smile!

Life is better in a bikini because i feel free and sexy and especially in my ACACIA bikinis :) They are made for fierce women who know how to have fun and arent scared to play in the sand, surf a beautiful wave, or turn heads on & off the beach.. <3

Acacia Bikinis are one of the most flattering bikinis in the world. They have the best cuts and details! They make women feel confident and fierce when frolicking through life! I have converted all my girlfriends and sisters to them! You know that when your wearing an Acacia anywhere in the world, you are going to turn heads and get compliments! I love that that they are sturdy for ocean sports and still flattering for pool and beach time! Im an Acacia fan for Life!!
with Love from a Maui Girl!

LIFE IS BETTER IN A BIKINI because it is during those moments you feel most relaxed, sexy, confident, and truly in a state of bliss! LIFE IS BETTER IN A BIKINI because those are the moments to remember, whether its laying on the beach with your girlfriends, swimming with your family, surfing with your siblings, or hugging your man in the sand! LIFE in a BIKINI is a lifestyle not many people get to experience, its a privilege i truly appreciate! Xo Ursula

Last 10 days I spent in "Normal Clothes"
1. Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window then Gym - Spin class... ERGH!
2. Staff retreat in Pelican waters... I was pretty good day at the office :)
3. Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window then Gym - Personal training
4. Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window then Yoga - with BFF :)
5. Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window the Toga party :)... Toga's can be considered normal clothing for Australians at this time of year :)
6. Nursing a wicked toga party hangover in my PJ's :(
7. Market Day... Farmers fruit & Vegies... Lunching with friends :) :)
8. Uni Lectures then Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window then Gym... Spin Class Again :(
9. Uni ALLLLLLLLLLLL Day... Bleh! Movies with my girlies :)
10. Work at my boring office job that doesn't even have a window then Gym - Personal training

Last 10 days I spent in my Bikini... I wish these were consecutive! I'd also like to note that 4 of these occasions were spent in my Acacia Charlee Cantik Bikini... which is no longer my favorite since the arrival of a Choctaw printed Kini ;)
1. Spent most the day poolside a my house getting my pre-reading for Uni done... the only way to make it tolerable :)
2. Surfing with Chelsey in the AM before our staff retreat
3. Night Swimming at the hotel pool... was the perfect summer night
4. Summer Pool Days
5. Spent the whole day in Byron Bay, went to Tallow Beach... most favorite beach ever <3
6. Weekend in Angourie, NSW :)Camping & Beaches & Surfing & Freshwater pools & Boats & Fishing :)
7. Whain Whian, NSW... Hiking & Swimming & and jumping off waterfalls :)
8. More Summer Pool days... Pre-drinks before the music festival :)
9. Surfing at Lennox Head... Lunch then more swims in Ballina
10. Coffs Harbour... friends & Boats & BBQ's & camping & Jetty Jumping


Life is better in a bikini BUT only when that bikini is ACACIA style! ;) That's the MAIN reason why I want to win this style!!!

Life is better in a bikini because you feel confident and free. and life is especially better in a tiny bottomed bikini!

Life is better in a bikini because I can see the woman I love let go of all her insecurities

Life in a bikini is simpler. Simple=Better. No worry, hurry, stress... It becomes all about enjoying life, living in the moment. Raw, sexy. When it comes to bikinis, wearing less feels good, you look good, and it ain't cocky if you know it and own it. Simple

Life is better in a bikini because it reminds you that you're living. You get a chance to remember all your adventures: that scar on arm from jumping off waterfalls in puerto rico, those little cuts all over your feet (that never seem to heal) from kicking the reef one to many times at ala moana bowls, your funny colored knees blamed on years of scratches and scrapes from falling on the inlet jetty, and every single freckle that makes you thankful for each minute you've spent in the sun. Life in a bikini reminds you of all the imperfections that make you uniquely perfect and beautiful. xXx Erika

life is better in a bikini because it allows me to feel free and in touch with my skin, i live in oahu and bikinis are like your second skin, from the water to the sand or just cruisin' in the garden. they remind you to stay fit and in touch with yourself and also allow you to embrace your imperfections. plus....dang they are cuuuuuute!

LIFE IS BETTER IN A BIKINI because I feel free, sexy and confident.
I'm a beach bum & pour of it!!

I love me some acacia ;)

Life is better in a bikini because it means that I'm home (originally from Hawaii, going to school in Seattle)!!!! It means that I get to go to the beaches that I grew up going to and hanging out with the people who I've known since I was little. Life is better in a bikini because life is better when I'm home in Hawaii.

Life is better in a bikini because the second you put it on, it makes you happy. It also gives you the confidence you need to be happy. Wearing a bikini makes a woman feel absolutely beautiful :)

Life is better in a bikini because you are not afraid to stand out : )

Oh googlicious, it looks like my kind of cake. Enjoy xox

Beautiful!!! And I love the table cloth : )

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