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June 02, 2012


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I REALLY want to travel to Hawaii! It's been a dream of mine for a long long time! I can just feel the vibes from it and I know that it's a place I will want to stay forever. I want to explore hidden places, and visit small towns. I want to experience and appreciate the culture, amazing food and people. I hope I can go one day soon! In the future, it's a big goal to be able to make Hawaii my every day life where I can walk outside, down a few blocks, and hop into the ocean like the mermaid I am. But until then, I hope I can win this awesome cover up and sport it pool and lakeside in Georgia until my dreams come true!! :)

I'd definetly wanna go to Tavarua Island in Fiji! It is paradise on earth! Not only the best beaches and weather but it is also heart-shaped! If Acacia was an island, I think it would be this one haha :)

I really would love to go to Tahiti this summer! It is so beautiful and a perfect place to wear all my lovely Acacia bikinis! :) However, I am going to go back to Hawaii while I'm on summer vacation from college, so that's almost as good!

My dream vacation this summer would be to travel to Mykonos Island in Greece! Ever since I saw the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants it's been sort of a goal of mine. The colorful houses, huge cliffs, white sand and cute tan boys with an accent, make it the perfect vacation spot. Not to mention my love for the history of the Greek gods, goddesses, and even mermaids! I know one day I will visit or possibly live there and leave this small town in Texas. Until then I want to show off my big city style by winning this Acacia cover up, which would also be the perfect attire for Greece, just saying!

This summer if I could vacation I would love to visit Bali with my boyfriend! I have recently taken interest In Bali because of its lush and colorful beauty! It's definitely on top of my travel list. Not to mention I I could take a vacation after or during a crazy summer of lifeguarding and my other office job that would make up for barely having a day off all summer! I love to travel and have definitely been getting the travel bug to venture somewhere beautiful... In a acacia swim suit ;) xx Giannina

I would aBsolutely LOVE to visit SAYULITA, MEXICO this summer!! I have been there twice in the past two years, and it is pretty much my favorite place on earth!! It is so beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing and hip, a perfect place to be rocking my acacia swimwear and cover ups :)
If you haven't been to (or heard of) Sayulita, you should definitely look into it!! It's a secret paradise that is becoming awakened to the world. All of the acacia rocking mermaids should visit!!! Happy tanning :)

After 9 long months of Winter in NYC, it is absolutely necessary that I plan a beach getaway every Summer. This year I would love to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my sorority sisters. Like most women, we tend to be a little competitive in the the swimsuit department. If I won the contest I would definitely be the best dressed among my sisters. It's hard to compete with one of the best fitting/sexiest swimsuits on the market.

I have a trip planned this summer to go to Thailand, and Bali in a few short months!
Hawaii would be next on my list. I am finishing up my liscening for my nursing and hope to find a job on one of the Islands so I can work & travel.
Canadian girls love love Acacia swim wear!

This is a very exciting summer for me :) I just got a job working for Hawaiian Airlines and am pleased to say that traveling is my passion. Hawaiian Airlines does fly to many destinations but not where I'd like to spend my summer, which would be in Palau :) I've heard so many amazing things about this place, from crystal clear blue waters, to the best scuba diving in the world, and the culture itself. In the 8th grade i did a research project on this beautiful place and since then it has been one of my goals in life to one day travel to Palau. Being 27 years old, from Hawai'i, I haven't done much traveling outside of the United States( I went to New Zealand a few winters ago on a culture exchange). I LOVE HAWAII and am so thankful to be raised here. But i am just so eager to explore the world. Being able to travel and explore what this beautiful earth has to offer is a MUST for me :) I look forward to eventually doing just so. I'd like to bring what i know and share them with others around the world. And i would just love to rock out in my new acacia swim suit while surfing or scuba diving in Palau.. One day :)
xo! Anuhea

I just had twin boys last year, and after busting my booty to get back into my acacia's and back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (of course I had to order another one for all that hard workout) and bugging my husband for the last 5 years to go to Kauai, I have to say Hanalei Bay is where I have been begging to go. So this year I believe my husband and boys and I are finally going to go. The hiking (the adventures), the beaches (my hubby surfs), the locals, the shops, and just the "island feel". We live in Florida and while I get to sport my acacia's often, I cant wait to go to Hanalei Bay and finally experience it.

Honestly, the one place I would absolutely love to go this summer would have to be Lord Howe Island in Australia. Not only is Australia the one place I have always wanted to go to, but it also looks incredibly beautiful. I would basically live in my Acacia bikini there and this cover up would be the perfect match. :)

In my new Acacia Bathing suit, I would go this summer to Las Vegas, Catalina Island, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the road trip my friend wants to take. I would love to wear it out and go surfing in it as we take our road trip. Showing off the Acacia Bathing suit would be a dream come true and beyond helpful for me. Finally almost reaching my goal for weight lost I would love to show off my bathing suit body. (:

♥♥♥ If I could travel anywhere this summer, it would definitely be to Maui <3 <3 <3 I miss my friends and family so much. It would be amazing to see them:) even if it were only for a small vacation. It's amazing how slow time can go when you're missing a piece of your heart ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ Until then, Maui No Ka Oi ♥♥♥

I am traveling to the one place I'd want to travel for the summer and that is Kauai! I miss all my friends and family who live there and nothing sounds better than going to secrets beach and enjoying the sun :) So if i won a bathing suit i'd always have a piece of beautiful Kauai with me because the brand and owners originated in Kauai ( or so I've heard) I hope I win and I hope you guys all have a good summer :)

The place I want to travel to most this summer, and where i want to live at some point in my life, is the France. Particularly to its countryside and beaches. I want to walk along rolling grassy fields and see gardens with with juicy strawberries, plump blackberries, and delicate flowers of all colors. I also want to visit the secluded beaches of France with towering cliffs and warm sandy beaches. I feel like French beaches are underrated compared to other tropical destinations, like Hawaii or Indonesia, and they have a much different, but still beautiful, feel to them. Nothing sounds better than lying in the warm sand with a fresh croissant and a bowl a strawberries, as the sun melts my body into euphoria. ♥

Hmm how to choose how to choose from all of the amazing places this earth has to offer!
I will hesitate not to say I would love to go back to sayulita this summer, such an amazing Mexican beach town with so much to offer-surfing for all levels, SUP, mountain biking and the sayulita days festivities! In time I'll be back but for this summer Ive been dying to get to south east Asia, Thailand and Cambodia would be the top of my list, I've heard such great things about the people and culture and of course the breathtaking beaches. So much to see and appreciate in the world hopefully we can all get to these pieces of paradise some day.
Peace &love xo

indonesia! my boyfriend and i really wanna travel to indonesia this summer. i have just completed grad school and he has been working his butt off and it is time for US to have some alone time and get our surf on in indo. we have not ever been able to take a tropical vacation, just the two of us together, to relax, enjoy nature, taste delicious fruits and paddle around in the ocean. it would be the most romantic and special time if we get to go. i am crossing my fingers i can go and wear a sweet acacia swimsuit. your suits have soul and remind me of the natural world.

New Zealand! Dying to go there and see the little blues!

I want to go to Tahiti and sing "Tahitian Moon" by Porno for Pyros while swimming during the sunset in the ocean. (It's a bucket list thing- they were one of my favorite bands growing up and that song always made me dream of Tahiti).

My dream is to go to Florida this summer! I've only ever been on one "real" vacation, it was to Barbados, and it was over 20 years ago! Florida has everything I could want, beaches, fishing, amusement parks, sightseeing, and I would love to drive the coast line with my hubby, fishing along the way!

I live in Hawaii and think there is no other place to be. Travel is a passion and on the top of things to do. When I look for places to go my list includes, bikinis, surf, and sunshine. Looking forward to seeing Lengkuas Island, Indonesia, this Summer. A little more off the grid than Bali, less crowded, tranquil, and great surf without having to battle it out for waves. Have a few, Big Wave Surfer friends, to hang out with and just enjoy the peace and quiet. I would love to show off my new Accacia bikini, maybe I will see my friend Damea Dorsey again this summer and get some photos of me wearing my new bikini. :)

Definitely Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Sun, Surf and my Acacia. <3

If I could pick one place in the entire world to visit this summer, it would be Bali. Oh! Bali you have been tugging at my heartstrings for way too long!! <3 Every time I see photos and videos about this magical place, I literally fall in love. Bali embodies the perfect lifestyle that I have always desired: a life surrounded by beauty, happiness, and inspiration. It is a fabulous surf destination, a place of unimaginable beauty, and a place where "the sea can set you free!" (a quote that I have always lived by). As a surfer and an ACACIA lover and fan since 2010, I would love to go to the place that inspired Naomi to start ACACIA. So when I do make it to Bali some day, I will be kickin' back in my sexy ACACIA watching the sunset, with a BIG smile on my face because life is beautiful! <3 <3


The one place I would love to travel back to this year would be The Big Island of Hawaii. My boyfriend and I went on vacation there last summer (after previously visiting Oahu and Kauai) and we fell in love. The weather was perfect, the people lovely and the water was amazing. We had the best time snorkelling with turtles, manta rays and dolphins!! I would also love to jump on a plane and visit Maui too. I recently bought the Acacia Haena bikini in coral and can't wait to show it off in Hawaii! It is truly my favourite place on earth : )

Well going back home to Maui would be awesome but that will have to wait ti'll fall.
I would love to take a trip to Bali. It would be so awesome to go on the shopping spree there and beach it the whole time. Theres nothing better then the sun, water, and wearing your bikinis all day long.

I would love to take my family to the Big Island..My son is obsessed with volcanoes and then we could swim with the Dolphins in Kona (wearing my acacia of course) :) We have been wanting to do that for years, my kids would be so happy! There is nothing like seeing their little smiling faces!

Maui no ka oi!!! I'd love to go back to Maui this summer! The weather is always perfect and I'd like to spend more time exploring upcountry in Makawao and Kula. I recently took a photo class with Randy Jay Braun and I would want to go through Iao Valley and practice taking pictures of the beautiful views and greenery. And of course, being able to discover all the different beaches down by Lahaina side in a cute Acacia bikini would be complete bliss!! <3

There are so many places I'd like to visit but this year I'd love love love to travel to Hawaii so I could shop Acacia bikinis and wear them in the georgous weather! I've never ever been lucky enough to go but the water looks crystal clear to take cute underwater shots of me and my man hanging and relaxing out of this London rain!
I'd surf some nice little waves (do you get little waves in HI?!!) chill on the beach and stuff my mouth with tropical fruit and wear Plumeria in my hair! I think there has been a mistake here and that I should have been born there!

2nd best thing would be to win some Acacia! Love all your kini designs Naomi and Lyndie x

(hana hou, please excuse my mommy-brain ... LOL) Since I already live in beautiful Hawaii, this summer I dream of going on a 12-day Mediterranean boat cruise aboard the princess cruise line traveling through places such as Florence, Venice + sun kissed beaches on the Greek Isle! Since I recently had another lil love (mommy to zen 2 + baby mahina 4months) ... the comfy chic acacia zigzag cover up would definitely be a dream come true must-have!! ;) Cheers.hugs+aloha!


This summer I would travel to Crete, the largest and southernmost island of Greece. Western Crete in particular is an oft-overlooked and little travelled to corner of the world that I consider to be paradise…

I would hop on a plane to western Crete in a heartbeat - I spent two weeks there on Falasarna beach as part of my honeymoon and the memories alone bring joyous tears to my eyes. I wish I could bottle up and send you the experience of it all: the taste of saltwater on your lips, feeling the warm pink coral sand under your toes, the smell of the sea breeze, washing mezes (the Greek version of tapas) down with an ice cold Mythos beer, the braying of donkeys in the mountains, the hot Mediterranean sun on your skin, and most of all the warmth and down to earth hospitality of the Cretan people…

Words alone could not express why I would travel back to western Crete, so I made you a video to watch of some of my favourite memories!! I hope that I will be back there soon, sporting an Acacia zig zag cover up on my way back to bronzing on the pink coral sand beach!

Enjoy!! You can view my contest entry here:

Love and sunshine to Tala and Acacia for this awesome giveaway!



I would love to go any where tropical!

I would absolutely love to visit Mexico. I lived so close, yet somehow never made it over the border. ¡Ay caramba!

First off I am obsessed with Acacia! I have a suit from each collection and was so excited when you started selling your suits at Detour in Encinitas where I live! I would love to be able to pair this amazing cover up with one of my beloved acacia bikinis! I am getting married in October and we are going to Kauai for our honeymoon! It will be my first time there and I cannot wait to bask in the sun, surf, paddle board, hike and spend some much needed one on one time with my honey :) I really can't think of a more perfect place to wear my new Acacia cover-up! That would be the icing on the cake for such a wonderful year for me!

xo -Tracey

My favorite place in the whole wide world to visit is Gran Canaria, Spain! All of the Canary Islands are beautiful, but Gran Canaria has the most beautiful beaches! The people are friendly and the water is warm. There is nothing better!

I would wear it all over the brazilian beaches! dancing alongside the carioca ocean with eyes closed just feeling the breeze coming through the zig zag capri coverup... yes, Thats where I ll be this summer ;)

Bali... Because it is cantik

I'm dreaming of driving through Panama this summer! After numerous trips down to Costa Rica, panama is going to be my next central American trip. Beautiful beaches, good food and lovely people is what Central America is all about! I can already imagine myself lying on a beach in one of my Acacias with a beer in hand watching my boyfriend surf.

I would love to travel to the Sardinia Islands, Italy. I met a girl on Waikiki Beach who visits Hawaii most summers and how awesome would it be to visit her this summer? She loves Hawaii, but who wouldn't? Sara tells me how similar and how much comparison both places have with each other, from swimming, to hiking, to diving, even camping. Nothing beats a day in the sun followed by Italian food (pasta lover!) Well, then there's also traveling the rest of Europe backpacking while i'm in the area with my Acacia suit C;

BALI. from stories and pictures the place is an absolute beauty. simple, serene, and calming, the atmosphere seems like an absolute adventure. i missed the opportunity to travel there when i was in australia, but have always wanted to go.

I dream of going back to Tavarua. I went with my husband 5 years ago, and have been dreaming of getting back there ever since. It is such a beautiful island, and the people of Tavarua are amazing. Never have I felt such serenity and peace , than when I was on Tavarua. Of course, I would love to go to Bali, Italy, France, but Tavarua is tops!

Bali!! Heaven on earth!! Easily one of the top 10 days of my life was swimming at a beach in Bali!

I would love to travel to Hawaii! My dream is to live there!! I would love to wake up every morning with the nice warm ocean breeze... And of course in my acacia swimwear! I'm OBSESSED with Acacia!!!! I always like all of the acacia hash tags on instagram! I want an acacia bikini so badly!!!!!! I feel that acacia is for any body. It brings out the confidence in everyone! The colors and the prints are TO DIE FOR!!!!!! <3 :) thank you so much for this opportunity to enter this contest! Good luck everyone!!!

I have dreamed of walking on the beaches of Thailand for years now. Yoga, blue skies, clear waters, elephants... I can see it now.

I would love to go to Italy. Something about the dark blue of the water in the Mediterranean is the most appealing thing. It also has an element of pure adventure. I'm from Hawaii, but there's something about the Mediterranean that has always appealed to me. Not that I don't love Hawaii...I've discovered, living here, that something about being in the water erases time and makes you feel free. I've lived away from Hawaii, but the feeling of this love of water has always stayed with me. Whenever I would see glimpses of water, like a river, I'd feel excited, feeling a connection with home. Over the summer I hope to spend a lot of time near the water and have adventure (even though I won't be going to Italy) & I am always searching for the perfect cover-up & I think Acacia has nailed it. :) I'm so happy that there's something to pair with their beautiful swimsuits.

Lencois Maranhenses... The Lagoons in the desert!
It's coming into winter in Aus so I'm dreaming of getting away right now theses beautiful freshwater lagoons in Northeastern Brazil are filling up. Ever since I seen this magical phenomenon on a documentry when I was a kid it has been on my bucket list of places to go!
And it would be espec

It would be especially befitting the Capri cover up because Acacia 2012 was shot among the dunes as well xx

My dream destination is KUAI! i see pictures everywhere and here so many amazing things about, it looks beautiful.
Nothing seems more beautiful than the ocean, sand, mountains and air.
its my dream just to surf and live on the beach!

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I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I'm looking to design my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thank you

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Traveling to the Bahamas this summer would be absolutely amazing. I love being anywhere tropical with white sands and clear waters. The island is beyond gorgeous with many beaches and attractions to explore and discover. I love taking pictures and am big on photography so being able to bring my camera to the bahamas would be quite the treat. All I need are some chic beautiful bikini's and I am set. Acacia's original, creative design of swimwear inspires me so much to get creative and expand my horizons with pictures and trying different things and different scenes. The unique sizes and cuts on the swim wear is also as well so elegant and pretty. What girl wouldn't want to be seen wearing Acacia swimwear. It would be amazing to win!
Hopefully soon i'll be taking pictures wearing Acacia swimwear in the Bahamas xo

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